Welcome to the Show!

Scott Leonard
Scott was a founding member of The KINGS and even took lessons on how to safely spew fire (back when that type of fx were allowed in small clubs) Even after relocating to Kansas City several years ago, Scott was dedicated to bringing 'Gene' character alive. Scott is currently playing guitar and keyboards in Archive in KC.

Randy Banks
Friend and veteran musician from downstate Illinois, Randy was our first 'Cat'. Randy is currently performing in the St. Louis area as a member of Dick the Bruizer and was also a member of the Chicago-area band Cool Beans.

Tom Hora
Hopa, as his friends call him, was our first 'Ace'. He was also the guitarist for Cool Beans, The Little Kings of Soul, The Young Fathers and Cold Train. He lives with his family in Green Bay, WI and serves as our webmaster and resident graphic artist.
Ron Melze
For over a decade Ron has kept the beat as The Catman for the Kings.

Greg Sass
Greg has twice spent some time as Ace with the Kings, starting in 2001 and again returning in 2011.
Prior to the Kings Greg rocked the local Chicago clubs as guitarist in bands such as Satyr, Without Warning, and Blaze Daze.
Rik Kroll
Rik, our third Catman, performed on the same stage as the Kings as the drummer in WildCrue the phenomenal Motley Crue tribute, before he donned the Catman persona and joined the band. He also performed with the Scorpions tribute, Lovedrive. He's a great drummer and great friend!
Vinny Gee
Our second man on the kit, Vinny is a longtime veteran of the Chicago music scene having shared the stage with many notable musicians. He currently portrays Paul McCartney in the Sir Paul tribute.

Brian Schenk
Brian has been playing in bands, writing and recording his own music and teaching guitar for over 20 years. He also has portrayed "Ace" in the Milwaukee-area Kiss tribute Dynasty since 2002.