Special thanks go out to all who help us put this thing together
Top of the list are the women in our lives...
The Queens of the Night

Lori LaSalle
Betsy Olson
Sandy Ferreira
Sue Irwin

There are many on whose talents we rely in
order to put on a great show.
We will try to list as many as we can, but may not always succeed.
Thanks to you all!

Road Crew

Stage Manager - Shawn Ryan
Misc - Tim Babovac, Ken Kaczmarz, Ray Hagen, Marty Nash

Stage Effects & Lighting

Steve & Jeff Chezaday
CJ's Productions

Ultimate F / X
Spider Kramer
John Dumas
Bob Hianik


Scott McKim - Kiss Freaks (
Lori LaSalle
Shawn Lichter
Phil Ryan


Gary Prokes
Lori LaSalle


Lori LaSalle
Betsy Olson
Kim Michelon
Danny Pierson


Lori LaSalle
Marion Laczynski
Cathie Leonard
Danny Pierson
Shirley Huff


Lori, Matthew & Jason LaSalle
Tony LaBarbera, Afternight Productions

Meet-n-Greet party

Dan Laczynski
Dwayne & Cathy Pliska
Bob & Lori Bradbury
Steve & Kim Maloney

Web Site & Graphic Designs

Hopa Creative

Kings Army Field Scouts

Michael Cegielski - Foot Soldier!
Mark Yurkiw - The Landmark
Tomasz Nazaruk - Kinko's
Scott Assman - Illinois Entertainer

Booking & Wrangling

Joey Demarco - United Talent Coordinators
Scott Leonard &
Jay LaSalle
Laminated Stage Passes

A-Reliable Printing